Artworks by Manh Sang

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Artist Chu Toan

“Gate” by artist Chu Toan Posted on July 15, 2020 by yhomearts Making traditional lacquer artworks requires longtime and many stages. It usually takes several months to complete. Lacquer comes from a tree grown in Phu Tho province. First, the artist treats the wooden board surface to make it smooth, then he applies coloured lacquer … Continue reading Artist Chu Toan


Title: Morning Size: 80x100cm Material: Acrylic trên toan Year of creating: 2019 Artist: T.H.Dzung * original* unique* Vietnamese artist* drawing Contact: +84373495220 E: src=”; alt=”received_2048183021966631″ width=”3696″ height=”2940″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-318″ />

Flowers from the field

lacquer 60×60 cm ( unframed) artist Lam Nguyet Ha “> Lacquer 60x60cm (unframed) artist: Lam Nguyet Ha “> Flowers from the field Lacquer 60x60cm contact: +84373495220 E: form action=”; method=”post” target=”_top”> lacquer 60×60 cm ( unframed) artist Lam Nguyet Ha By artist L.N.Ha